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New images are being added as soon as available to the Wild Horse, Thru Wild Eyes and The Ranches pages.  Please be sure to visit these pages to see some amazing animals.  All images are available for purchase.  Please contact me directly for sizes and prices or visit my Fine Art America site for purchase.



  Performance Horse Photography specializes in Reining, Cutting, Working Cowhorse, Ranch Horse Versatility, Rodeo and Roping events.  I relocated to the Denver, CO area in July 2012 to be closer to the wildlife that I love, but it also brought me closer to the ranching way of life which is very important to me. 
I’m often asked why I take photos from different angles and views.  I personally enjoy getting to know the horses and their owners and seeing the connection between them.  Although traditional horse show photography is nice to have, I’m always looking for something unique; I want images that tell stories and show emotions.  I never know where I’ll be or when I might be able to capture that, so I move around and am always trying new things. 
I will not post images that don’t show a horse and rider at their best therefore it takes time for me to edit and review images from a show.  I do photography in addition to having a career also in the pet industry.  I am very proud that I do all the work from the start of a shoot to the editing of the images myself.  Please be patient with me while I work in the evenings to bring your event to life and post them online.  I think you will like what you see when they are posted. 
Colorado is full of beautiful settings!  In 2013 I’m now offering ranch shoots and portrait photography for high school seniors and families.  Why go to a studio to have photos taken when we can find a gorgeous setting, saddle up the horses and bring the dogs!  If you can throw in a herd of cattle and an old ranch house it would be all that more wonderful and challenging.  Please contact me to schedule ranch shoots or your next equine or canine event. 
Thru Wild Eyes also found here on my website is especially important to me.  These images are taken by myself and are where my heart truly lies; with the wild animals we share our lands with.  Unless we start to view how we oversee and take care of these lands and these animals soon the next generations will not be able to experience these wonderful animals like I am so blessed to be able to do.  Portions of all the sales of Thru Wild Eyes Images are donated back to charity in hopes to preserve our wildlife and educate people about them.  Please be sure to see the Sand Wash Basin Wild Horse and Thru Wild Eyes pages while you’re here. 

"I saw a child who couldn't walk, sit on a horse and laugh and talk; I saw a child who could only crawl, mount a horse and sit up tall; I saw a child born into strife take up and hold the reins of life; And the same child was heard to say, "Thank you God for showing me the way."

John Anthony Davis

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All photos are minimally cropped, edited and have been placed on-line with very low resolution to make uploading for viewing quicker.  When ordering this will be corrected.